Dangerous Chemicals in Your Home


Everyday household products contain harmful and poisonous chemicals that pollute our air. Sources of potentially harmful chemicals, originate from cleaning supplies to carpets. Indoor air pollution is potentially more harmful to us than outdoor air pollution. Over exposure of toxic chemicals in everyday household products, has been linked to health problems such as allergies, developmental problems, and cancer.

Households today contain on average 62 toxic chemicals that are harmful to our bodies. Less than 2% of synthetic chemicals found in ordinary everyday household cleaners have been tested for toxicity, cancer-causing effects, or birth defects. The majority of those chemicals have never been tested for any possible long-term effects.


The Chemicl’s off Your All purpose Cleaner


The most effective synthetic ingredients found in cleaning products are inexpensive chemicals modeled after natural ones. Luckily for you, we use 100% raw natural ingredients that have been tested to outperform the leading, potentially harmful, synthetic chemicals used to clean carpet, upholstery, tile and grout. Basically, there’s just no reason not to use our organic cleaner.


The Devious Tactics of the Services Industry


In addition to concealing the harmful ingredients used in their cleaning products, companies in the service industry continue to pull the wool over consumers’ eyes once they are inside your home with bait and switch tactics. Deceitful companies use advertising tactics to get inside your home, then once the company is in your home their story changes. Either the price of the service goes up, they claim the advertisement was printed wrong, or fail to tell customers they should have read the fine print because they can only get the sale price of one service with the purchase of another higher priced service.



A Cleaner Alternative


In the U.S., more than 32 million pounds of household cleaning products are poured down the drain each day. Many of these products contain toxic substances that are not processed adequately by sewage treatment plants or septic systems. Natural Organics solution is made with a sustainable natural earth occurring process, with no additives, dyes, perfumes, or chemicals. So when our solution is done being used, it is returned in a safe holistic way; right back to the earth that gave it life.


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As a mother, I enjoy a clean home. But more importantly, my family deserves the best.

-Cynthia Ramirez