About Franchising

Natural Organic Cleaning Company™ started with two brothers who believed that the environment is more important than big profits. Our goal is to create a cleaner and greener world that we all can enjoy. To achieve our goal, we put quality and affordability first so that everyone could enjoy a cleaner life.

Our cleaning solution is made with organic plants, fruits, and vegetables that have natural enzymes in them. Our method of cleaning is very unique, as it is a low moisture extraction process that contains billions of natural active enzymes that are in hibernation like state. This means that the enzymes are in a ‘sleeping’ state until they come into contact with whatever is keeping your carpet dirty. Whether its bacteria, grime, odor or dirt, these enzymes will destroy every last trace of the problem.

Our cleaning solution is unlike any of the other traditional cleaning chemicals for many reasons; however, there is one reason in particular as to why Natural Organic Cleaning Company™ is so appealing. Not only do they clean your home but also keep it clean long after. This is because the enzymes stay active so that if any harmful pests resurface, these enzymes wake up from their sleeping’ state and attack.

Using Our Organic Cleaner on your carpet will not prevent you from going about your daily routine. After you are done with this healthy and safe way of cleaning, your carpet will be dry in about 30 minutes. This is because our innovative cleaning method uses 20 times less water than outdated old fashion cleaning methods. Traditional carpet cleaning saturates your carpet and takes days to dry, promoting bacteria and mold that can make you and your family extremely sick.

We believe very highly in preserving Mother Earth. We trust that extending her longevity will also extend ours and we will live healthier and make more eco-friendly decisions. This is why all of our products have 100% organic ingredients. There is a natural PH of 5 in our products which means that there is no alkaline residue left over, making it entirely residue free and healthier to be around.

Not only do we want you to use healthier cleaning products, we also want the health of all communities to blossom also. Living a healthy life, is living a happy life.