Commercial & Residential


By now, it’s safe to say most people have heard about going green and know certain green initiatives you can take. But, we know it’s not always practical to layer your home with solar panels, prop up a wind turbine, and purchase a new hybrid car. Well, we’re proud to say that we provide a practical and affordable green service that will benefit your home, the environment, and your families’ health.

Household moms, tree hugging hippies, and government agencies all rely on Natural Organic for their cleaning needs. Tough grease from a home based mom and pop autoshop stand no chance against our cleaning solution. Floors that housed the soldiers after military boot camp now remind them of their mom’s spotless kitchen floors back home. Still not convinced… Tree hugging hippies rely on us to get out their organic juice stains after their blender exploded all over their hemp rug from exotic goji berries imported from a small village in the Himalayas. Corporate executives that spend more on their hair plugs than the average American makes in a year call Natural Organic to clean their hair plug furballs from the seats of their private jets.

Our technicians experience range from cleaning Qualcomm stadium after the largest keg parties to the waxing the prestigious custom marble floors of the Widener Library at Harvard University. Celebrities, CEOs, hard working moms, and college students understand that whatever the mess, Natural Organic is always there to help them live a healthy clean life.


Carpet Cleaning


We offer 100% pure organic carpet cleaning. Undoubtedly, you’ve heard claims for 100% organic products before and been skeptical, but we let our product speak for itself. No other cleaning solution comes close to the cleaning capabilities and the lasting cleaning effect that our pure organic solution has on carpets.

Your carpets are dry in 30 minutes and the process is the healthiest and safest way to clean because we do not dump gallons of chemicals and water into your carpet which promote bacteria and mold growth which will make you very ill.


Tile and Grout


Sometimes you need more than just your carpet cleaned. All types of flooring are susceptible to dirt and bacteria. But, that’s nothing our 100% pure organic solution can’t take care of.

If you find your tiles and grout in need of thorough cleaning, don’t resort to toxic chemicals. Our pure organic solution is a much easier and safer remedy to dirty tiles and grout. Limit your family’s exposure to harmful chemicals by utilizing a 100% pure organic solution. Our solution won’t only keep your family safer, but it’ll do a better job cleaning too!




Of course, it’s not always a floor surface that needs cleaning. Upholsteries throughout the house can often harbor unwanted bacteria and dirt as well. And, when it comes to cleaning upholsteries, you should be especially concerned with what cleaning products you use. Your family members are typically going to come into more contact with upholstery than they are with the carpet.

Luckily, our organic solution is versatile and can clean carpets, tiles, grout, and upholstery. And it’s the same, simple processes for each material.




People are constantly on the go. And when it comes time to kick their feet up and relax, they want to do so in a clean and safe area. In addition to busy schedules, people don’t want to spend more time cleaning their carpets, tiles, grouts, and upholsteries.

Let us do it for you! Our maid service will clean your house just the way you want it cleaned. And, unlike other maid services, they’ll be armed with our 100% pure organic solution. We make it too easy to be clean and healthy!


Hardwood Floors


Are those hardwood floors looking old? No problem. With a trained staff that on average has over ten years of service and background in janitorial work, you can feel at ease with large tasks such as floor resurfacing. Combined with our unique organic solution, your hardwood floors will be back to the great natural look they once were.


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As a mother, I enjoy a clean home. But more importantly, my family deserves the best.

-Cynthia Ramirez